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Pescina Indica is one of India’s premier Aquatic Fish & Plants Exporters. Our company is respected around the world for superior quality, exceptional service and reliable business practices.

Offering the widest selection of popular fish, shrimps & plants customers are able to source all their needs from India under one roof.

Pescina Indica is committed to protecting our aquatic wealth, we work towards establishing a perfect aquatic environment. We are vigorous in the protection of endangered aquatic life. We always use green systems and environmentally friendly methods at all sections in our business.

We aim to set the highest standards amongst Indian fish exporters in the Aquarium ornamental fish wholesale business.

Company Policy

Our company believes in conducting honest business with healthy competition. Everyone in the industry knows our trustworthy reputation and history for practicing fair trade.

Our Offer

  • Native Collected Fish
  • Brackish Water Fish
  • Freshwater Shrimps & Crabs
  • Tank Bred Fish
  • Cold Water Fish
  • Wild Plants
  • Farmed Plants