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exporter freshwater ornamental fish

Pescina Indica is a Kolkata (Calcutta) based Indian exporter supplying freshwater ornamental fish, invertebrates and aquatic plants to the Ornamental Aquatic Industry.

With more than 25 years experience in collecting, quarantine, conditioning, breeding, farming and distribution of ornamental fish, Our company is recognised amongst all as leaders in this industry.. We were initially involved in the domestic wholesale market in India. Since 1998 our company has been fully focused and involved in International exports only.

Almost all the rare Indian fish & shrimps which are popular today have either been collected or introduced by us to the global market.

Being the pioneers in wild fish collections in India we have attracted some of the leading importing companies from around the world who are amongst the most prestigious from all corners of the world. Our customers cover the world from the Far East to the West Coast. We serve every major importing country directly or indirectly through our wide distribution network. We strive to provide the services and maintain the quality levels that are acceptable not only by our customer but by their customers in turn.

It is our endeavour to bring the most beautiful fishes and invertebrates from all parts of India to the attention of the global aquatic audience. As a result of our many years of working in this field we are amongst the first to receive & introduce new fish species or breeds.

Pescina Indica maintains strong relationship with our wild fish collectors who we have educated in the use of safe collection methods where nature and the environment is protected by using Green fishing practices. We work with India’s best breeders giving them inputs and information on global market trends. This enables them to produce those fish which have a demand in maintaining the expected quality standards for these fish.

With a close working relationship with Agents & Airlines in India we strive to get the best routes and rates for our customers.

As pioneers of Aquarium fish business in India, our views and opinion on matters concerning this industry is always sought out for by the Government Agencies in this sector in India at both National and State levels.

All companies involved in import and wholesale distribution are welcome to contact us for any business enquiries and related information.

We will be happy to accept trial orders for a minimum of 7 boxes or 100 kgs. Please give us an opportunity to prove what we have claimed to you.

Company Policy

Our company believes in conducting honest business with healthy competition. Everyone in the industry knows our trustworthy reputation and history for practicing fair trade.

Company Goal

Our focus is to reach and maintain the highest standards in bio-security quarantine, health, handling, logistics and customer services.

Our Offers

  • Native Collected Fish
  • Barckish Water Fish
  • Freshwate Shrimps
  • Tank Bred Fish

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